Monday, July 25, 2022

Quilts are Growing!

I finished the blocks for the next round on this sweet baby quilt. They are not sewn on to the middle section yet, but maybe sometime this week I'll get to that. Plus I'll try to get the next round of blocks cut.

And I made five more eye spy blocks. This quilt top is growing, too.

And what about my Sadie portrait?????

I made THREE rows over the weekend! So glad these rows are getting shorter and shorter. I predict I will finish the quilt top next weekend! Woohoo!

At our quilt guild meeting last week, a member taught needle turn applique. Each of us had a free kit including a heart basted to a small background and a threaded needle. I've been doing needle turn for years and years....and yet I learned a new tip that will help me so much! Learning never ends in life.

Keep on learning!

And stay safe - I know so many people with Covid at the moment - it's still running rampant.


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  1. I sure love seeing your blog posts. Was in your state this weekend gathering some of Gail's sewing stuff. There's still so much in her sewing area.


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