Sunday, January 9, 2022

Best Laid Plans

I'm thrilled to say that I got a ton of sewing done in the last week. I actually finished the first Birdsong block on Wednesday and I have another well under way. I always prep the applique pieces (back basting) in the evenings and hand applique the following day while Sadie is playing independently or watching a show with me (typically Llama Llama or Peppa Pig). We talk about the colors of the fabrics - she's really into colors at the moment. We also count the berries - she loves numbers.

Yesterday and today (each weekend actually) I do more machine stitching. I'm finally getting to know my new machine and we are getting along well. I made 8 cheddar bow tie four patches - two rows for one big unit. 

I stitched together a few more piles of gray/white half square triangles.

I also added a few more rows to this quilt - I'm planning on this going to one of my nephews. A few years ago I had the not-so-bright idea to make TWO of Bonnie Hunter's On Ringo Lake mystery quilts. I made all the parts and pieces in Christmas fabrics - sewed these into two twin size quilts for the twin beds at our lake house.

I also made a set of parts and pieces in the 'called for' colors. These have sat in a box since then. I finally decided to start sewing the pieces together in rows to make a quilt. I want to use all these pieces somehow and this seems a good and easy use.  Over the weekend I have added a few more rows to this quilt.

And look at this! I made the first large block for the Casserole quilt! There will be 9 blocks total - each one is about 26" square - BIG! Each block is made from a different color family. The sewing for this is easy, BUT the cutting is a major undertaking. So many pieces went into this block! I did some of the cutting last weekend. 

As far as hand stitching, every night I do a bit of cross stitch - I'll update you on that another day. I have done a bit of applique on my first block for the Thanksgiving quilt (Abundance), but I'll wait to share when the block is complete. And last night I even pulled out my curved hexie project and did some basting. All in all, it was a successful week toward my goals. 

The weather was warm enough for me to walk both yesterday and today, so that means I got some reading in, too. I'm calling it a day on machine sewing, and am ready to start hand work for the evening. 

Continue to stay safe!



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