Tuesday, April 27, 2021

This and That and Wallpaper


I finally decided on a peel and stick wallpaper for my sewing room closet! I love this print!

It didn't take long to install it. I finished it Saturday (with a tiny bit of help from Hubby). I have ordered a ruler rack for the side of the closet - I'll share more once it comes in.

We had a huge hail storm here Saturday. I've never experienced hail like this before - it was like we were under attack. Luckly, no damage for us.

Strawberries! These became a delicious strawberry cobbler and strawberry bars. Yum!

I've been busy at my Accuquilt cutting half square triangle pieces. HUNDREDS of half square triangle pieces. Theses will be various shades of gray paired with a grunge white. I'm going to a quilt retreat in a few weeks (TRIPLE YAY!) and I'll take these to sew. 

I've made progress on my Blessings/Marshal hand quilting. I'll share a photo next time. 

Every single day is filled and busy with Sadie, quilting, and golf (for Hubby). We love our busy life. Sadie is walking a bit now so she is officially a 'toddler.' Fun times!

Continue to stay safe!


  1. Your closet looks great. I’ll be checking out your HST project and am interested in projects
    Nice going.

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