Monday, April 19, 2021

On to Hand Quilting and Jen Kingwell

This one little picture represents a lot of work/fun. Thursday I finished all the ditch quilting on Blessings/Marshal. That was indeed a big relief to my shoulders and chest muscles. A LOT of quilt wrestling!! 

Thursday night was our virtual quilt guild meeting and we were fortunate to have Jen Kingwell give our program...all the way from Australia. She gave a wonderful program, just sitting and chatting about how she got to the point she is in her quilting career. She also shared lots of quilts she has designed, including Marshal. It was interesting that she said that she had to design Marshal completely before she ever took a stitch and this is different than she usually works. It seems she usually starts by making a block or two and letting the design evolve as she sews. 

Jen also said that because of the way she had to work on Marshall (she was hired to do this quilt by Quiltmania), she was not totally pleased with the final design and that she had seen other Marshal quilts (where the quilter did their own thing with the units) that she preferred over her own. I think she would like mine - I'll send her a picture when I'm done. 

Jen Kingwell handpieces and hand quilts most of her own quilts. After the program we could ask questions - I asked her what hand quilting thread she uses. Aurifil 12 weight. So Friday morning  I went to my sewing room to see if I had any. YES! I found one spool of 12 wt and it was the perfect color for this quilt. Lucky me!

Jen (we're on a first name basis now - haha!) also showed one quilt on which she quilting enough around the outside edges to sew on the binding early in the process and then she could go back and finish the quilt. Eureka! So I started the hand quilting process on Friday around the last border. I can do this because the entire quilt has been stitched in the ditch. Saturday morning I finished the border quilting, trimmed the quilt. and made the binding. Saturday afternoon I machine sewed the binding in place. Sunday afternoon I finished hand stitching the binding down.

And here we are now. Let the hand quilting continue! 

Continue to stay safe!


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