Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all enjoying this special season! We certainly are. I had planned to make more cookies, but we received two lovely gift boxes of yummies - we have enough sweets! 

Today I am cooking though. I have made a garlic cheese grits casserole for tomorrow's Christmas Eve brunch at Daughter 1's home. She will be making a French Toast casserole and Daughter 2 is bringing sausage balls and maple bacon. YUM!

On Christmas Day, the kids will all be at our home for lunch. We are grilling filet mignon and we'll also have twice baked potato casserole, a Christmas tossed salad, broccoli, and yeast rolls. For desert I'm making something very special. I'll share photos next week.

I'm making the potatoes today and I may start the desert. I'm also wrapping presents today. Alexa has been playing Christmas music all day. 

As you can see above, I did finish the latest bird block and I've started the next one. But I got side tracked! I decided I wanted to begin making a special ornament for Sadie each year. I searched Pinterest for ideas and googled like mad. Then I realized the solution was right under my nose. Sue Spargo's Happy Birds! I thought I might be able to make Christmas ornaments from these patterns. 

So I picked one of the early patterns, modified it a bit, and have been obsessed with this ever since! I made two of these birds in mirror image and did the same embellishments on both sides (except I only stitched the year on one side. Then I stitched them together with light stuffing and a cord. The ornament is entirely hand stitched. I hope when I am long gone that Sadie will treasure these.

And here's another photo I took outside so you can see the colors better. Each year I will use a different bird pattern.

When she is grown, she'll have a tree full of birds! By the way, Sadie is 9 months old TODAY! She's crawling and pulling up - on the MOVE! And so much fun!

I really haven't been machine sewing at all, other than making the binding for the two quilts I recently got back from the machine quilter and machine stitching it on to both of them. Now that I've finished the ornament, I will make time to hand stitch all that binding down. 

I've done more diamond painting. The more I do, the faster I get.  This project is almost halfway done. I won't finish until sometime in January, but finish it, I will!

Merry Christmas!
Stay safe!



  1. I love the ornament idea too. My grandma did that for us kids, and I have about 20 from her. I started the same thing with my grands, and the neighbors grands, there is a special story there, and I also included a cedar box with a name plaque for them to keep them in, and other treasures in.


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