Saturday, December 5, 2020

Bullseye Quilt Finished


I finished this binding on my Bullseye quilt. This top has been finished for a LONG time. I'm so glad I finally got it quilted and finished. This is a fun little lap quilt.

And, we hung my Santa Claus quilt! Before our house was even built, I had studied the plans and picked out this wall in the dining room to mount a curtain rod to hang seasonal quilts. We've been here more than 8 months...and we finally hung the rod. The quilt went up this morning. I'm happy. And now our Christmas decorating is complete.

I haven't sewn much this past week - not sure why. I guess I've been busy with other things.

I did sign up for the Virtual Quilt Festival. I have really enjoyed it - and today is the final day. I've been able to view all the quilts, shop the virtual vendor mall, and even take classes. All my classes are on free motion quilting. 

The nice thing about the classes is that they are recorded and I can watch them anytime until December 12. I have 3 classes today - but I don't think I'll watch any of them live. It's football Saturday! 

I've already learned some new tips. And I discovered some new notions that I have already ordered. It has been the next best thing to going to Houston.

I'll share my new finds in another post soon.

Stay safe!


  1. your Bullseye is beautiful! Love the thin border. And the curtain rod is a very good idea, nice place for your Santa !


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