Monday, July 7, 2014


I've been looking for something for a LONG time and I finally found it tonight! Couldn't wait to share!

When Peggy and I wrote Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts, I used the photo editing software, Picnik, to design Mickey Blue Eyes. Picnik was about to pixelate the photo into hexagon shapes. But, (woe is me!) Picnik was bought out by Google before our book hit the press - I had to be vary vague about that quilt's instructions since I didn't know of another way to get the hexie pixels.

Here's Mickey Blue Eyes, the quilt:

This quilt won First Place last year in the GO! Have Fun Challenge. And I thought it might be the last hexie portrait quilt I would ever make.

But tonight, after YEARS of googling and searching, I found a way to do it again!!!! It's called DX Interactive Mosaic Maker.  It's free! Just upload a photo:

Click on "Hexagon" for the shape requested and voila:

It may be hard to see above, but those are definitely hexie pixels! Click on the photo enlarge and see better. A hexie portrait of Leo just might be in my future!

Can you tell I'm excited????????


  1. amazing what these programmes can do, at first I could not see Mickey but now it is so clear

  2. Love the application!! I tried it with one of my pictures of a detailed flower from my garden and the result is fenominal.

  3. That is a very interesting program. Mickey Blue Eyes is amazing but I think Leo will look even better.

  4. I loved that quilt when I saw it at the Quilt Show!

  5. Oh Wow........what a great find, thanks so much for the link : )

  6. terrific, can't photoshop do this? I know it can do squares, but never thought about hexagons