Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hexie Love Show and Share!

Show and Share Day! I know from your comments that you all love it when I show other's hexie quilts here. So here are a couple for you. Don't forget, I'd love to share YOUR quilt here! Shoot me an e-mail with the photo and the story. 

This beautiful quilt was hanging at the quilt show in Prattville; it won a ribbon. I kind of think I see a couple of blocks turned in a unique way....  Not saying it's a mistake! Just saying it it's different. Love the appliqué border.

This beauty is being made by one of my friends here in Auburn. Her fabric choices give it a vintage look. She said her grown child wants a quilt before she dies and told her to get busy! How funny!

I'm going to try to do Hexie Love Show and Share days more often. Help me out and send me your pictures!


  1. both of the quilts are lovely, thanks for sharing. You had me searching more the "unique " blocks. There are more than a "couple", i count 7 and 2 half blocks. They must be a design element , although i can't see the pattern . I think it adds movement through the quilt. I hope your friend doesn't take the 30 years it took me to complete my first hexie quilt. My poor daughter finally recieved it last Christmas , good job she still liked it after waiting so long

  2. I love seeing these hexie beauties. Please show us more.

  3. 2 great hexie quilts and look forward to seeing more, a quilt is a challenge I do not think I will take up, not enough time!

  4. What a great idea and boon for us hexie lovers. THank you! I love that hexie quilt with the applique.


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