Wednesday, September 14, 2022

No Sewing...But LOTS of Fun...And Packing!


This was last Friday - I was my Daughter's guest at a luncheon on Auburn's campus. (FYI - that's Aubie with us!) She was the keynote speaker at the event for high school senior girls, promoting Engineering at Auburn University. Yes, she and I are both Auburn Engineers, along with Hubby and several other family members.

If you look closely at this slide she's presenting, you see me. There I am in the photo as a senior at Auburn wearing the special interview suit my mother bought me. I still remember shopping for that suit. It helped me land several job offers.

This luncheon happened only a couple of hours after we closed on the new house. 

Here I am a day or so later, sitting on the back porch, waiting for Hubby to finish doing something. No, we haven't moved in yet. The previous owner left the outdoor furniture for us though, so I do have a place to sit. 

The carpet was pulled out in the upstairs and new wood floors have already been installed. A painter is starting today to paint the rooms upstairs and do some touch up work throughout the house. We already have a few TV's there. Internet is up and running. And there are two beds already made up. Even my sewing machines are already there, tucked away somewhere. 

The big move is next week, but we are taking a few small things over here and there. This is the EASIEST move we've ever had. And that is good. Local moves from one house, straight to another, are pretty easy.

I'll get back to sewing very soon, I'm sure. Can't wait to set up my new sewing room. It will be really nice!

Happy Fall to all!

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