Monday, August 22, 2022

A Tiny Bit of Sewing

 I got very little sewing done this week as we have continued to prepare our house to sell. I did cross stitch a bit one day - I'm afraid I'm going to be behind my schedule on Anniversaries of the Heart. I'm not near finished on the August block and September is coming fast. That's okay.

I did go to a guild class on Saturday. I'm so glad I took the time to go! We learned to make WIP (Work In Progress) bags, and as you can see I put mine to work immediately. It's storing the Eye Spy blocks until I have a minute to sew them together. Yes, I still need to make several more blocks.

We also learned to make large tote bags from used animal food bags - those big 20 or 50 pounds bags. I can't put my hands on mine at the moment or I'd share a photo. 

I would like to make more of both of these types of bags - both are easy and don't take long. 

We have another busy week ahead. Our current home will be photographed for the listing this week and a house cleaner will come and do her thing. And then we just hope it sells fast.

All is well though. I think the worst part of moving is getting the current house ready for sale. And now that part is complete - yay! I'm not worried about the packing - we scored some free moving boxes over the weekend from someone who had just moved. We have them tucked away in a storage unit along with the many things we cleared out of our house before the showings begin.

I hope to fit in more sewing this week - I'll keep you posted on that! Enjoy your week!

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