Thursday, March 24, 2022

Cross Stitch Update and a Birthday!

Here is my progress on the March block of Anniversaries of the Heart.  There were a couple of evenings that I did not stitch, including last night when we went out for pizza with friends from our previous neighborhood.  I decided to dedicate this block to our sweet granddaughter, Sadie. I stitched her birthday in the upper left - the 23rd of March. 

I also purchased a new cross stitch booklet. Does this mean I'm becoming a cross stitcher? Well, part time, anyway. I'm enjoying this for an evening project while watching TV. The above booklet just came out at the Cross Stitch market held recently in Nashville. I heard that these designs go quickly and may not be reprinted, so I grabbed one to put aside for a later date. Only ONE project at a time for cross stitching! I always have several quilts in progress, but I'll try not to do the same with cross stitch.

Did you note the date I stitched into Anniversaries of the Heart? Yes, yesterday was Sadie's 2nd birthday. This photo sums her up well; she has a snack in one hand and her calculator in the other. This girl loves numbers!

Keep stitching!


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