Sunday, December 19, 2021

Summarizing 2021

Before I make new goals for 2022, I wanted to take a look back on 2021. Let's see how I did!

2021 GOALS

 1. Selfcare. I will continue my walking that I started a few weeks ago. I'll continue to eat healthy (MOST of the time). I'll keep monitoring my blood pressure.

I did well at this! I still walk most days (weather permitting). I lost 30 pounds during the course of the year. My blood pressure is now NORMAL! It took me 7 montes to lose the first 10 pounds. Then I joined NOOM and lost the next 20 pounds. I really like NOOM and it has worked well for me.

2. Read. I need some improvement here. I read each evening before I go to sleep, but not long enough. I've passed the halfway point of Jane Eyre, but the old me would have been finished weeks ago. After I finish reading Jane, I'm thinking I'll splurge on an Audible membership. I can listen to books WHILE I WALK. I think that will be a game changer for me. I plan to continue to read classics this year.

Another score for me here. I did join Audible. Now I 'read' when I'm walking - win/win!  

Books I read:

Jane Eyre

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Cuckoo's Calling

Pride and Prejudice

Inheritance Games

Where the Crawdads Sing

The Wife Upstairs

Two Thousand Minnows

American Dirt

The Lost Apothecary

I know many people read a lot more books in a year, but I'm happy I read this many! And remember, I primarily read only when I walk. 

3. Wallpaper. So this is rather specific, isn't it? I want to buy some of the peel-off wallpaper for a few areas of our house. I love the idea of being able to peel it off easily when I get tired of it. 

I did this, too! I hung wallpaper in my sewing room closet. 

4. Write. Years and years ago I wrote a novel. Our kids were young. I was a stay-at-home mom and needed things to entertain myself. I started writing, I started quilting, and I entered cooking contests. The novel was a cozy mystery. It was good enough to get a New York agent to represent me, but it was never picked up by a publisher. That brings me back to my goal. I want to pull the novel out and modernize and tweak it. I will probably add more quilting in it - there is already just a bit, as I was beginning to learn quilting as I wrote it. Anyway, it will be entertaining for me, and who knows? Maybe it will get picked up. Nothing to lose here.

I did not accomplish this goal. Why? I couldn't find my manuscript! Oh no! I've been sad about this all year. Then....a few weeks ago when Hubby was working at the lake...he FOUND it! Yippee! Maybe 2022 will be the year for this.

5. Quilt. I want to quilt my Marshal top myself. That will be fun and there's no rush. I want to make a blue and white quilt. Other than that I'll keep working on UFO's. And I'm sure I'll start some new projects here and there, including another curved hexie quilt. 

I'm still working on hand quilting Marshal - I'm over halfway there. And I've started that curved hexie quilt! Also there were several quilts finished!

All in all, I think it was a great year! Hoping 2022 is just as good!

I'm already thinking about goals for 2022 - I really like to write it down - it's makes me accountable. Stay tuned!


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