Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Another Happy Bird!

I'd been trying to make one of these Happy Birds per week. But that nasty cold got me off my schedule - this little bird has been in the making for about 3 weeks. Love it though!


I adore the little drizzle stitches along the tail. I heart drizzle stitches!

And look! I finished the third section of the big courthouse steps quilt top. BOOM! I sewed this section on (partial seam) and had to take it outside to see how it would look - loving it! 

I'll be done with the entire top in almost no time at all. So glad I took this challenging quilt on! 

And while I was photographing outside....I took my finished cheddar bow ties blocks and laid them all out. 

Of course....I love this one, too! It's got EVERYTHING in it. Christmas fabric. Halloween fabric. Auburn fabric. Kid fabric. Reproduction fabric. Everything. 

I did realize that it needs to be bigger. Darn. That's okay - I'll keep it going. It does need to be bigger.

So yesterday, I did a thing. I went to the mall and actually shopped. And tried on clothes. Oh my. It's been so looonggg! But I did it. It was exhausting. But I needed (yes, NEEDED) some new clothes. I've lost a bit of weight this year and nothing fit. I had success - came home with 4 new pairs of jeans and a few tops. It's a great problem to have. Today I ordered some new t-shirts online. Even my t-shirts are too big. Yay - new t-shirts! (I wear t-shirts a lot!)

And that's the update from here!

Continue to stay safe!



  1. Beautiful quilts. What is the width of the strip used for the big courthouse blocks?

    1. I've cut the strips 1.5 inches - to finish at 1 inch.

  2. I love the courthouse steps, but I swore I would never do another log cabin.

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