Friday, July 30, 2021

Sewing, Organizing, and Freezer Meals

I've made four of the Courtyard Steps blocks. They get a bit easier, but I still have to think a LOT to make sure I have the right fabrics in the right places - you see each block must match up the the ones around it.

My Manx Log Cabin quilt - it was planned to be much bigger. But I decided it was big enough. I used various pinks to bind it. I had fun making this one. It will hang in Sadie's room at our house. The room has a vaulted ceiling and I think it will brighten up a very tall wall.

Now onto organizing!

Over the summer, I've had the urge to organize. We've been in the house for a bit over a year. When we unpacked, it was a matter of getting everything put away quickly.  But now I want to put it all away in an organized fashion.  Above you will see the 'after' of my shoes. I got the boxes on Amazon. They each have a door on the front to access the shoes. You can stack them up as desired. What a difference from having my shoes piled on these shelves.

On to the pantry!

We have a double wide pantry will pull out shelves - I love it. But it was time for some planning and sorting. I found clear plastic bins at TJ Maxx and bought tons of them. 

Divide and conquer! Now everything is sorted into the bins. We can find exactly what we need.

I won't bore you with a picture of every single shelf, but you get the idea. Next on my list is the refrigerator. I have leftover bins to use here, too.

I happened across the freezer meal site - It may change my life - I'll keep you posted on that. The site has tons of freezer meal recipes. Everything goes into a freezer bag raw, so prep is not too bad. The site prints your grocery list, labels for your freezer bags, and nutrition info for those of us who count calories.  I have found the majority of recipes to be very healthy and include lots of fresh vegetables.

I get no royalty, fees, or kickback if you sign up. You can give it a look and decide. 

Tuesday I shopped for ingredients at Sam's Club. I spent around $160.

Thursday morning I chopped and filled my bags. I made four recipes, 3 meals each. Each meal will feed 6. That calculates to 12 freezer bags with a total of 72 servings. That works out to be about $2.25 per serving. 

My morning's work included chopping 12 peppers, cutting corn off 8 cobs, and chopping 3 onions. I watched TV while I chopped. 

The meals can be cooked in a Crock Pot or an Instant Pot. Easy peasy. 

We're eating our first of these meals tonight. I'll keep you posted on how we like the recipes, though they sound yummy.

Suni Lee won gold!!! Yay! 

I have a free day to sew! Yay!

Though the heat and humidity are almost unbearable, I'll be inside a nice, cool house!

Continue to stay safe!



  1. Julia, Sounds as if our lives are on parallel paths as I too have been attempting to "besting my nest" (that is in spits and spurts) since gardening and family gatherings are the primary focus just now.
    I found that Family Freezer and shared the link with my daughter who works full time plus with two active children and acquired many meals to utilize that I like and I also realize the freezer is on my radar for fixing soon, I'm still working in an art area in the basement and am waiting a shipment from Amazon to continue there. As I age, I realize I can only focus on one and perhaps two areas at a time otherwise the overwhelm paralyzes me, everything gets blown up and nothing is accomplished. I'm printing out your court house step blocks as its stunning as is the quilt for your daughters high ceilinged bedroom.
    Nice to meet you. Got to go, my 88 year old Mom is up from Florida and were having a family Picnic today with cousins coming in from around the neighboring states.

    1. We ARE on the same path, aren't we! Thanks for the lovely comment!