Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Design Wall Experiment- Part 2

And so continues my quest for a new design wall surface...

Here is a second wool felt sample I received. Fabric pieces stick to it very well! Also, the back side is peel and stick, making it easy to apply.

However, the surface looks like it's covered with lint, though it's not. The product is made this way. And so I will pass on this option because it doesn't give the clean, neat look for which I'm aiming.

Which brings us to the third samples I received.

These samples are much smaller and much thinner. They have a clean look, which I love. They are peel and stick on the backside...another plus. The fabric pieces seem to hold well.

I'm still on the fence. I think I will still get some insulation board to use as a base and either use this product OR go with the tradition method of wrapping the insulation board with flannel. I'm leaning toward this stick on product though... It's made by Zoro.

Remember how I said I'm picking a color each month and replenishing my stash? I decided on pink for February. I picked out a nice assortment of modern fabrics, don't you think? For years, my pink stash has been very limited. And with a new grand daughter coming along soon I needed to remedy this situation! I ordered these from Whittle's - one of my favorite online sources for fabric! They have wonderful prices!

I'm not sure what my color will be for March. But I do know I'll wait until after we move to get my monthly allotment.

We have our final walk through for our new home in only 10 days! We have had nothing but rain, rain, RAIN for the last few weeks. Monday when we last visited, workers were out in the rain installing the sprinkler system in a sea of mud. The toilets and faucets were in boxes in the living room, along with the boxed kitchen appliances.  A lot needs to happen in a short amount of time, but I know it can happen. It cannot happen fast enough!

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  1. My had an old projector screen hubby made, it's just a wooden frame covered in canvas, then on top of that we stapled batting. I change the batting out every few years but that's it. Blocks stick, I can pin quilts to it. Or pin a backdrop then quilt on top and pose lights etc to take good pictures..


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