Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Baby Quilts

Finally...I can share the baby quilts I made for our granddaughter, due in less than 6 weeks! I made this fun quilt from a panel - the alphabet of dog breeds. We are a dog loving family! I cut the panel apart and pieced it back together with colorful solids. I wanted this quilt to be bright!

I used my embroidery module to make her name.

 Okay, not a quilt, but I had fun making this pillow for the nursery. The nursery doesn't have a real theme, but if it would be hot air balloons. Long story, but hot air balloons are a childhood memory for both of our daughters. The pattern can be found HERE.

And here is the quilt I made using the same fabrics as I did in the pillow - just a simple hourglass design. Instead of traditional binding, I used chenille around the outside edges. Wish I had a better photo to show this, but it provided a soft, fuzzy effect. These two items match the colors in the nursery.

Here's a photo of the quilt and pillow in the nursery. Love the look!

 I also made this little panel quilt for photography purposes - my daughter can lay the baby on it and photograph her each month.

Am I done with baby quilts? Probably not! I have actually made another quilt top for her, but I decided that the baby will be a bit older before I give it to her...maybe 3 or 4. And I'm sure I'll run across other pattens that call me to make them.

We are still hanging out at the lake. LOTS of rain lately. We are ready for good weather, mainly because there is a lot of outside work left on our new home being built. I'm ready for the driveway to be poured so I can get into this house with out walking through a see of deep mud. Yesterday, the mud sucked up one of my shoes - I didn't even make it into the house... though I hear the tile is completed and the hardwood floors are in. We still need appliances, a couple of light fixtures, driveway, landscaping, and adding flagstone to the back patio. Not too much left, huh? But this rain and sea of mud is slowing us down. Closing is set for next month. We are so ready!

Enjoy your day!


  1. So glad you are back! Love all the pieces you are working on! Sharon in NY

  2. Love all the quilts you have made - so darling and so right for Sadie Grace.

  3. The nursery looks so beautiful...I love the colors and your quilts are wonderful! Love the one of taking pics on with those wings! How clever!!!

  4. I had to smile at how many you made - your own mini-shower! I really like the idea of the photo quilt with the wings on it.


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