Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Ear Infection....

I haven't blogged in a few days because I haven't felt like sewing. This ear infection has made me so dizzy and foggy. It's been hard to sew, read, or even watch television. Monday I began trying to get an ENT appointment. Unfortunately the ENT's here in town could not see me for 2 weeks - ugh! So I got an appointment in Birmingham for Tuesday afternoon. Hubby drove me - a dizzy girl doesn't need to drive that far!

Prognosis: inner ear infection, but fluid in ear is getting better. No hearing loss - thank goodness! He's given me yet another round of steroids and said I should feel much better after 2 days. Hope so! I do feel better this morning than I did yesterday, so that is hopeful.

Above is the ONLY sewing I've managed over several days - a second taupe block - this one was pretty simple.

Here are a couple of my African violets that have begun to bloom - such sweet little flowers!

Today my goals are not lofty. I hope to do some laundry. That's it. If I feel like sewing that will be a bonus!

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  1. Hate the ear infections!!!! hope you keep improving!!! Take care!