Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hexie Quilt "Chunk"

I bought this so-called "quilt chunk" from a vendor in Chicago. Saddest thing ever to see a beautiful quilt cut up like this. I hope there was some damage or staining on it that warranted this destruction! I felt obligated to rescue it as if it were a stray dog. There was a teddy bear for sale in the booth that had obviously been made from another section of this quilt - nope, I didn't buy that!

It's not really old, but that's no excuse to cut up a quilt!

So what will I do with it?

I'm teaching a class in Chattanooga in September on making small art pieces from cutter quilts, so maybe I'll make a sample from part of it.


  1. I could never understand why someone would cut up a quilt--glad you rescued it from it's demise

  2. That bugs me too. If you want a quilted piece to cut up make it yourself. A cut into hexie quilt was given to me and I want to repair it as the pattern is unique to me. Can I get any advice if I e-mail you directly with the details?


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