Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quilting Art TV!!!

What an adventure I had in Cleveland! I was beyond THRILLED to be invited to film a segment for Quilting Arts TV! My taping was scheduled for Thursday and I had to arrive in Cleveland and go to the studio that afternoon to set up. Boy was I nervous!

The producer assigned me a table in the Green Room (no, it wasn't green!) and I was given a big tray to lay out my step outs. Once I was set up, the producers briefly let me show them what I brought to talk about on TV.

Thursday I was back at the studio and the talented makeup artist did her thing with me. I'd never felt more glam!

Then it was my time to tape. We organized my stuff on the table surrounding us. Then we walked through what Pokey Bolton and I would talk about with the producers and cameramen. They gave me last minute instructions like don't look at the cameras, if you mess up - keep going, only touch the things near you, etc., etc. So much to remember and think about!

And then we were ON! Pokey made it easy for me, walking me through each step, asking me questions, leading me through the segment.

I survived! And though I know I wasn't perfect, I did as well as I could have. I think I probably should have smiled more, but I was concentrating on so many things at once that I forgot!

Here's a pic one of my new friends took of us on the TV in the Green Room.

And now I'm smiling and relieved I didn't totally screw up! Here I am admiring (and drooling over!) this fabulous Bernina. Yes, I got a complete demo while there. Hmmm....maybe on my Christmas list?

All in all, it was a FABULOUS experience. But the best part was the wonderful new friends I made - more about them in the next post!

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