Thursday, March 28, 2013

Almost Antique Hexies

One of my friends brought this beauty to our small sewing group earlier this week.  It was made by someone in her family, though she's not sure exactly who that was.  More research needed...

I appears to have been appliquéd onto this blue floral background.  The same blue in the backing of the quilt.  From the fabrics, we're guessing it was made in the '40's, but we're not fabric experts.  Any ideas of it's age?

And look - they were definitely fussy cutting back then!

Each corner was done the same way.  It's interesting that the white hexies at the bottom/top extend further than the others.  Lovely quilt!

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  1. so fun to look at vintage hexie quilts... but I have no idea what time period those fabrics are from ;)


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