Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lucy's Daughter

I'm finally back after moving to another city.  Yay, we're almost done unpacking and I'm raring to get back on the hexie train.

Kelly, from, sent me this photo, saying:

Hello, I have attached a picture of one of my Mom's Hexie quilts for you to share.  My Mom, Lucy, hand pieced and hand quilted all of her quilts.  Grandma's Flower Garden was her absolute favorite pattern and each of her 5 kids as well as her siblings, cousins and close friends all have at least one of Mom's hexie quilts.  I was lucky enough to inherit several of her quilts when she passed and  I also inherited her passion for hexies!
Best of luck on your blog and your book!

Can you even begin to imagine?  That's a TON of Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts!!!!!  I would have loved to have known Lucy and seen her at work.  Kelly, how lucky you are to be in possession of these masterpieces!  Thanks for sharing!

If you have a hexie quilt to share, please let me know!


  1. As another of Lucy's Daughters, I'm so pleased to see her quilt on your blog.

    It's the perfect place, as this was definitely a favorite pattern of mom's.

    I still marvel at how her hand-pieced quilts still hold up after many years of washing, snuggling and use. My boys love their "Nanny Covers".

    Thanks so much for sharing mom's work!

  2. I'm just finding this did you do that quilt? Do you have a pattern?

  3. Look how nice this is with the black between the hexie flowers. So pretty.


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