Saturday, May 5, 2018

Denim Cooper

In Paducah I was able to see an exhibit of Ian Berry's denim artwork - these were not quilts, but artwork. He uses glue to hold everything together. No stitching. I adore his work! And yes, I want to try my hand at a denim portrait.

Yesterday Cooper and I ran a couple of errands; he needed to go to the vet to get some medicine for his itchy paws. Before we left home I made a pattern from an old Cooper photo. Our first stop was to the copy shop to get the pattern blown up to poster size. After the vet visit we headed home and he posed for this photo.

 I have a pile of old denim at the ready. I can't decide if I want to work on this at an upcoming retreat or not. It may end up being too involved to take to retreat. And I'll need LOTS of table space - think it might need to stay home.

Retreat is coming us fast! I really need to get organized and plan what projects I'll take with me. I think I'll work on that today in fact. On Ringo Lake is definitely a retreat project.

Enjoy your day!

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